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The WAVECRAFT ™ series is based on over 25 years of proven technology and solid expertise in delivering most sophisticated composite Air-cushion catamarans and Surface Effect Ships (SES) to the most demanding defense and commercial markets worldwide.

We have reached and crossed new technological frontiers and now offer new generation of state-of-the-art high-speed, lightweight composite WAVECRAFT ™ Crew Transfer Vessels for the Renewables,
Oil & Gas and Defense industries.


News from WAVECRAFT™

WAVECRAFT ™ vessel Umoe Firmus starts on Gemini offshore wind farm

10. March 2017

Leo Hambro, MD of Tidal Transit and operator of Umoe Firmus, reported that the vessel is performing exceptionally well on the site, cutting the transit times from three hours to one and half.


What should be Norway’s Offshore Wind strategy?

15. February 2017

Umoe Mandal takes part in the Climate Breakfast event at Norwegian Climate Foundation (Norsk Klimastiftelse) discussing new possibilities in Offshore Wind sector. Watch Tom Harald Svennevig, CEO of Umoe Mandal…

Statoil tests a vessel that will help reduce seasickness on the job

27. January 2017

Technicians are not sailors. They get seasick just like many others. In addition, a long boat trip in rough seas is not the best way to recharge for a workday…