Designed to offer operational savings and to deliver time-efficient and enjoyable passenger journey.

WAVECRAFT ™ Commuter series of high-speed ferries demonstrates our focus on the exceptional passenger comfort, superior seakeeping, fuel-efficiency and minimal environmental imprint of our vessels.

The new WAVECRAFT ™ Commuter series of high-speed ferries for the commercial passenger fleet is based on our proven Surface Effect Ship and air-cushion catamaran ship design.

Decades of operational excellence of our high-performance vessels, serving rigorous demands of international naval and commercial sectors have provided us with unique expertise to offer a state-of-the-art design for public waterway transport.

We have tailored our series of fast ferries to surpass expectations of a practiced traveler, offering a unique experience to the modern commuter.

WAVECRAFT Commuter series of high-speed passenger ferries offer operational cost-savings and unrivaled passenger comfort.

Commuter 32

Commuter 32 fast ferry series is constructed for reliable and efficient logistics, designed for an exclusive travel experience.