Commuter 32


Commuter 32 fast ferry series is constructed for reliable and efficient logistics, designed for an exclusive travel experience.

Rapid transit, exceptional comfort, safety and excellent environmental performance are the essence of Commuter 32 fast ferry series. Compact main dimensions, efficient maneuvering systems and low wake wash capabilities of these high-speed ferries enable agile navigation in small ports and congested harbors, as well as in open seas.

Commuter’s proven Surface Effect Ship technology and and air-cushion catamaran design offers low imprint on environment, even in challenging and vulnerable surroundings. Fuel-efficiency of this lightweight, high-speed ferry further emphasizes our commitment to emphasize sustainability of our vessel designs.

The layout of the vessel is designed to minimize noise ingress to the main cabin and is provides comfortable and comprehensive amenities.


General Arrangement for Commuter 32

Technical specifications


  • DNVGL 1A1 HSLC R3 Passenger Craft



  • SB Rescue Sling operated by single man or Man over Board system with rescue net
  • SART, Helicopter hoisting rescue area

Main particulars

Hull materialComposite sandwich materials
Main operationPassenger transfer
Passengersup to 199
Length overall31,2 m
Load Line Length26,5 m
Width overall11,6 m
Speed @SSO40 kn
Main engine (100% MCR)2 x 2240 kW
Aux. engine2 x 44 kW
Lift fan engines2 x 360 kW
Propulsion2 water jets
Range300 - 600 nm

Tank capacities

Fuel oilup to 18 m3
Fresh water3,5 m3
Black water2 m3
Grey water2 m3
SW ballast tank bow7,2 m3
SW ballast tank aft2 x 2,7 m3