Personnel transfer systems

It's all about safety

WAVECRAFT™ vessels are designed to carry out safe crew transfer offshore
in up to 2,5 m Hs and can be configured to fit the most optimal personnel transfer solution for a specific application.

Heave compensated vessel provides unique access capabilities

Embarkation /disembarkation onto or off an offshore vessel, platform or a wind turbine can often prove to be the most dangerous point of the operation. WAVECRAFT™ vessels are designed as air-cushion catamarans and are equipped with a unique heave compensation system to offer excellent seakeeping capabilities and safe access to other vessels and offshore installations.

During personnel transfer at sea, Boarding Control System (BCS™) will regulate air-cushion pressure to reduce vertical movements of the vessel in order to provide safer personnel transfer in higher sea states.

Designed to provide most secure and suitable access solution

Safety is our utmost concern and we are ready to offer the most suitable, reliable and economical alternative to helicopter offshore crew transfer. WAVECRAFT™ crew transfer vessels can be delivered with three types of access solutions: over the bow landing, gangway or a “basket” type of crew transfer system.

We are cooperating with several trusted suppliers of safe personnel transfer systems to offer a solution that can either be installed onboard the WAVECRAFT™ vessel or when installed onboard the end-station itself, provide secure and simple passage for the crew from/to WAVECRAFT™ CTV.

Learn more about air-cushion principle and motion control systems.

Over the bow landing for medium landing height

WAVECRAFT™ vessels grant safe access to wind turbines and other installations offshore by over the bow transfer. Equipped with a sophisticated Boarding Control System™, which compensates for vessel’s heave and pitch motions, the vessel provides a safe and simple “step-off” solution.

We have performed close to 8000 safe personnel transfer operations per year with WAVECRAFT™ 24/7 12-24 pax vessels.

Bow landing is most suitable for access at medium landing height.

Watch Umoe Firmus access a wind turbine at Sheringham Shoal wind farm. 

Learn more about WAVECRAFT™ motion control systems.

UPTIME gangway for medium landing height

WAVECRAFT™ vessels can be delivered with an UPTIME heave compensated gangway (15m outreach) that will follow the vessel’s movements within its operation limits. With one operator, the gangway connects to the offshore installation with a gripper to a standard boat landing system with two stanchions or pipes.

Combined with WAVECRAFT™ vessel’s own heave compensation system, DP2 mode and a footprint of approximately one meter, motion damping W2W gangway further enhances safety of offshore crew transfer at medium height access points.

Watch an animation of safe WAVECRAFT™ transfer using UPTIME gangway.

Watch a video of UPTIME gangway in action.

Visit UPTIME for more information.

SeaSpyder transfer system for high landing height

The SeaSpyder personnel transfer system is specially-adapted to stringent requirements of offshore crew transfer to/from fixed or floating offshore units with high landing access points.

Fully compensated Sea Spyder system safeguards any chance of collision with an offshore structure by compensating for both vertical and horizontal movement of the end-station., and provides a safe and comfortable lift and transfer.

The combination of SeaSpyder technology with WAVECRAFT™ vessel’s DP2 mode and its own heave compensation system is uniquely suited for safe personnel transfer in rough offshore conditions at high landing access points.

Watch an animation of safe WAVECRAFT™ transfer using SeaSpyder system. 

Visit SeaSpyder for more information.

MacGregor gangway system for high landing height

MacGregor shipside height-adjustable gangway is a modular system that accommodates three different mother-ship access alternatives: over the bow transfer via surfer landing ladder and hatch in gangway, a large Active Heave Compensated / Passive Heave Compensated luffing / telescoping gangway (32m outreach) or a small Passive Heave Compensated luffing gangway (11m outreach with stairs).

System’s twin winches adjust height-staircase levels to match mother-ship deck every 1.25m and to luff the gangway.

WAVECRAFT™ vessel can perfectly match all three access alternatives with its bow landing capability, DP2 system and its own heave compensation system for enhanced safety during high landing height personnel transfer.

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