A new era of fast crew transfer craft meets tomorrow’s energy needs

Fast, high-performance WAVECRAFT ™ crew transfer vessels are designed to meet specific needs of the offshore renewable energy sector.

Wind farms require regular inspections and maintenance, getting personnel to these remote locations calls for a new type of craft; a craft that expands operational windows, operates at substantially higher speed and wave height of other vessels on the market and delivers exceptional passenger comfort and safe boarding capabilities.

WAVECRAFT ™ Commander 27 and Sprinter 26 series of fast offshore service vessels are designed to maximize turbine availability and the overall cost-efficiency of offshore wind logistics.

Umoe Rapid fast crew transfer vessel at offshore windfarm

Commander 27

Commander series of fast crew transfer vessels delivers greater access to offshore installations while increasing productivity of the operations and maintenance teams and maximizing operational availability.
WAVECRAFT Sprinter series fast crew transfer vessels for offshore wind farms.

Sprinter 26

Sprinter series is a new-generation of lightweight, composite WAVECRAFT ™ vessels that has been designed to maximize the availability of wind turbines for minimal costs.