Commander 27


Commander series of fast crew transfer vessels delivers greater access to offshore installations while increasing productivity of the operations and maintenance teams and maximizing operational availability.

Commander series is a highly-sophisticated class of fast crew transfer vessels specifically-designed for the medium to long-range transportation of personnel to offshore wind farms. Commander craft are designed to operate at almost twice the speed and wave height of other equivalent vessels on the market.

Like all WAVECRAFT ™ series, these high-speed vessels are based on proven surface-effect ship (SES) and air-cushion catamaran technologies using an advanced ride control system (RCS). This offers excellent seakeeping and passenger comfort. Commander craft are also fitted with a unique boarding control system (BCS ™), which significantly reduces heave and pitch motions, enabling safely and simply access a turbine in sea states of up to 2,5m Hs.

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Operating range of WAVECRAFT ™ vessels exceeds industry norm.


General Arrangement for Commander 27 - Umoe Rapid

General Arrangement for Commander 27 - Umoe Firmus

Technical specifications


  • DNVGL 1A1 HSLC R1 Windfarm Service
  • DNVGL 1A1 HSLC R1 Crew Windfarm (GBR)
  • Full Term MCA Work Boat Code or HSOSC


  • SB Rescue Sling operated by single man or Man over Board system with rescue net
  • SART, Helicopter hoisting rescue area


Hull material Composite Sandwich Materials
Main operation Crew Transfer Vessel 12h/24-7
Passengers 12-24
Boatlanding Up to 2,5 m Hs

Main characteristics

Length overall 26.6 m
Load Line Length 23,9 m
Width overall 10,4 m
Draught off cushion 3,0 m
Draught on cushion (in transit)0,8 m
Dead weight 15 ton


Max. speed 45 kn
Cruising speed 38 kn
Cruising speed @ 1,5m Hs 30 kn

Economy operation

Economy speed @ 85 % MCR 38 kn
Fuel consumption 21 l/nm
Range @ 14m3 fuel 600 nm


Main engines2 x 1440 kW
Aux. engines 2 x 65 kW
Lift fan engines 2 x 360 kW
Propulsion Water jets


Fuel oil 15.0 m3
Fresh water 1.5 m3
Grey water 1.5 m3
Black water 1.5 m3
Ballast (seawater trim) 8.5 m3
Fuel oil transfer for trimming of vessel


Cargo crane SWL 480 kg @ 5.7m
Cargo capacity 4 ton
Deck load 1.0 ton/m2
Storage capacities on deck 40 m2
Storage capacity for charterer

Electronic/navigational equipment

Radar X band (x2)
Electronic chart
Crewfinder system
Video Screens

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