Our story

Carrying on a proud shipbuilding tradition of our region

For over two decades Umoe Mandal has been the leading supplier of high-speed, lightweight composite air-cushion catamarans and components for a variety of advanced applications in maritime, offshore and naval industries worldwide.

Located on an island just outside the town of Mandal in southern Norway, we carry on proud shipbuilding tradition of the region that stretches back several generations. Our state-of-the-art facilities are tailored for conceptual and detailed design, engineering, construction, testing and service of sophisticated all-composite naval craft and commercial vessels of air-cushion catamaran design.

We have particular competence in materials research and implementation of stealth technology. Our continued R&D efforts focus on high-speed technology, composite materials and construction methods, and environmentally-friendly production of craft with an eco-friendly footprint.

We strive to be a long-term partner for our clients and preserve a sense of enduring loyalty that extends far beyond the launching of each new vessel.
In order to maintain the best possible standards of our specialized technology, and to further optimize every new vessel, even in the same series, we build strong relationships with our clients through the years.

Our heritage

Since the foundation in 1989 as Kværner Båtservice, a purpose-built shipyard specializing in composite Fiber Reinforced Plastic hull building materials and components, we have expanded towards design and manufacture of world-class naval GRP vessels, MCMV and FPB craft. In 2000 the company was acquired by Umoe Group and registered as Umoe Mandal AS.

Umoe Mandal AS is a privately owned company and is part of Umoe AS. Umoe Mandal AS is the main shareholder of Umoe Advanced Composites AS and Umoe Mandal Eiendom AS.

Through the years, we have established a solid international recognition for our mine-countermeasure vessels. The nine Oksøy class MCMVs built for the Royal Norwegian Navy are the first successful series based on a platform of Service Effect Ship (SES) and air-cushion catamaran technology.

Soon after, we introduced a game-changing vessel series Skjold Class Corvettes – a Littoral Combat Craft (LCC) that combines Surface Effect Ship and air-cushion catamaran designs with stealth technology. We have since delivered a total of six Skjold Class LCC to the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Our history of delivering pioneering naval vessels for over two decades has set the ground-work for expanding into world-class commercial craft. Our latest contribution to the Renewables, Oil & Gas and Defense industries is the WAVECRAFT TM series of new generation high-speed Crew Transfer Vessels.

Our milestones

Delivery of UMOE RAPID

2014 – 2017
Development of WAVECRAFT TM VOYAGER series for the Oil & Gas sector

Contract and production of three WAVECRAFT TM Commander series vessels

2011 – 2013
Development of new WAVECRAFT TM CTV series for Renewables sector

Development of WAVECRAFT TM was partly sponsored by the Research Council of Norway under innovation program MAROFF, Regional Research Fond, Innovation Norway and Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA).

WAVECRAFT TM awarded finalist place at Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator competition

2003 – 2013
Design, production and delivery of 5+1 Skjold Class FPB

2001 – 2008
Concept studies LCS, JMAC, T-Craft

Acquired by Umoe Group and registered as Umoe Mandal AS

1999 – 2001
Trials and US deployment of HNoMS Skjold

1998 – 2004
Contract for upgrade of 14 Hauk Class FPBs

1997 – 1999
Design, production and delivery of prototype Skjold Class FPB

1991 – 1998
Design, production and delivery of 9 MCMVs

Fully owned by Kværner with new facilities at Gismerøya in Mandal, Norway

Founded as Kværner Båtservice – shipyard specializing in composite Fiber Reinforced Plastic materials


With over 25 years of experience, we are just as committed today to continuously deliver our clients products and services of exceptional quality, offer our colleagues a safe and gratifying workplace, and to protect the environment that nourishes us.

Throughout all activities, including R&D, product development, choice of materials, use of resources, production methods, recycling and waste management, we continuously strive to implement solutions that will minimize our environmental footprint and that of our customers, throughout the lifetime of our products.


  • Execute 100% compliance with latest industry standards and regulations
  • Committed to pursue company QHSE Management System on all levels of organization
  • Diligently work to provide a hazard-free workplace and a healthy working environment
  • Center our R&D efforts on developing products and technology that will reduce our environmental footprint
  • Plan, maintain, evaluate and improve all processes and operations to ensure sustainability of our products and services throughout their lifetime
  • Practice our code of business conduct and ethics, respect human rights and act socially responsible in all our enterprise

We value diversity of our team, clients and associates; we embrace the richness of expertise, skills, human experience and character that our collaborations produce in synergy.

We are guided by respect and are empowered by the integrity of our principles in all of our relationships; with our colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.


Umoe Mandal AS is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

Umoe Mandal AS is also approved according to AQAP 2110 by the Norwegian Defence. The Certificate is revised biannually. The AQAP 2110 “NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production” conforms to the ISO 9001 with supplementary NATO specific requirements.