Voyager 38T


Voyager 38T is a high-performance CTV that challenges helicopter transfer, taking speed, safety and cost-efficiency to the next level.

WAVECRAFTTM  Voyager 38T combines speed and agility of a fast Crew Transfer Vessel with safe personnel transfer and excellent seakeeping capabilities. Designed with a push-on boatlanding capability and outfitted with a motion compensated gangway and a personnel transfer basket (as option), this unique craft is adapted to specific requirements of the offshore industry.

Combining proven surface-effect ship (SES) and air-cushion catamaran technologies with an active vertical motion damping system, Voyager craft allow for reaching offshore installations even when the distance from harbor is far and the weather for safe operations is narrow in almost half the time.

WAVECRAFT TM Voyager 38T is a seagoing innovation, designed to reduce transit time, improve technicians’ comfort, safety and efficiency, expand operational window and availability.

Voyager 38T can be supplied with a DP system.

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General Arrangement for Voyager 38T

Technical specifications


  • DNVGL 1A1 HSLC R1 Crew
  • Other certifications may be offered
  • DP class (optional)



  • SB Rescue Sling operated by single man or Man over Board system with rescue net
  • SART, Helicopter hoisting rescue area


Hull materialCarbon Reinforced Vinylester
Main operationCrew transfer vessel
Passengersup to 108
Crew6 - 7
Boat landing up to 2,5 m Hs
Range600 nm


Max speed55 kn
Cruising speed50 kn
Dead weight37 ton


Main engine2 x 2880 kW
Aux. engine2 x 60 kW
Lift fan engines2 x 550 kW
Propulsion2 water jets
Thrusters2 bow + 2 stern


Fuel oil25 m3
Fresh water3,5 m3
Black water2 m3
Grey water2 m3
Sewater ballast tank bow7,2 m3

Personnel transfer systems

Push-on boatlanding
Motion compensated gangway
Personnel transfer basket

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