Our clients say

“Normally, I usually get seasick after approximately 3 hours onboard these service vessels. Today,
after 7 hours in moderate seas, onboard a WAVECRAFT, I feel absolutely fine!”

S-MS, Dong Energy DE


“Why are there so few motions on this vessel?”

JF, Dong Energy


“On WAVECRAFT, I can work on my laptop during transfer and during waiting time at the windfarm, in contrast to other like-sized windfarm service vessels.”

MR, Dong DE  (The quote was given while maintaining 33 kn in 1m significant wave height and 17 m/s wind).


“There is movement in this vessel as well, but it is another type of movement, much more even. It is more comfortable; and there is a lot less noise. The best is probably that it goes much faster, so it takes a lot less time to arrive (to destination).”

Aage Hetland, technician at Siemens Wind Power.


“I think its a fantastic vessel, it has incredible (motion) damping. It is super nice.”

Henrik Ehlers, technician at Siemens Wind Power.