Vessel series

Innovating with unique know-how

Leveraging over 25 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing world-class air–cushion catamaran navy vessels based on Service Effect Ship technology, we now offer the next generation of WAVECRAFT ™ Crew Transfer Vessels to the Oil & Gas and Renewables markets.

Commander 27

Commander series delivers greater access to offshore installations while increasing productivity of the operations and maintenance teams and maximizing operational availability.
WAVECRAFT Sprinter high-speed CTV for renewables sector

Sprinter 26

Sprinter series is a new-generation of lightweight, composite WAVECRAFT ™ vessels that has been designed to maximize the availability of wind turbines for minimal costs.
WAVECRAFT Voyager 32 crew transport vessel for O&G

Voyager 32

Voyager 32 is the new-generation service vessel, ideally designed for high-speed transfer of crew for the oi & gas industry. Either the standard or high performance Voyager model, these craft offer a long-range, economical, commercially-feasible and safe alternative to helicopters.

Defender SOI

Extremely sophisticated, fast and flexible, designed for high performance in a variety of operations.

Defender MCMV Drone (Concept)

Speed, stealth and reliability are crucial elements for modern defense crafts. These high performance vessels would offer flexibility to carry out sophisticated operations, while providing a platform for safe and rapid deployment.