Defender MCMV Drone (Concept)


Speed, stealth and reliability are crucial elements for modern defense crafts. These high performance vessels would offer flexibility to carry out sophisticated operations, while providing a platform for safe and rapid deployment.

Drive for innovation that would benefit our industry, combined with our particular expertise in composite materials, advanced stealth applications and high-speed craft technology, progressed us to an original project focusing on concept design of what could be the next generation of unmanned mine-hunters.

WAVECRAFT™ Mine Counter-Measure Drone would be constructed for a variety of rapid, naval missions that would lower risk and increase efficiency for a large number of unmanned operations.

These all-composite construction craft would offer high-speed responses, powerful bollard pulls, stealth technology and excellent fuel efficiency. The protective air-cushion layer around the hulls, generated from air-cushion catamaran design, would enable the vessel to withstand significantly less shockwave impact from underwater explosions compared to traditional monohulls of the same size.

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